4 Simple Retaining Wall Maintenance Tips

retaining wall maintenance

Retaining walls are a popular example of hardscaping for many homeowneres.If you have a retaining wall on your property, one of the things you want to do is to make sure it’s properly maintained. Below are some tips for retaining wall maintenance tips that you can use to keep your wall looking and working well.

Retaining Wall Maintenance Tip 1 = Inspect It Each Year

You want to make sure you’re thoroughly inspecting your retaining wall once a year. Early spring’s a great time to do this since you’ll be able to see if there was any damage from the winter. Check for bulges, missing mortar, and cracks.

Retaining Wall Maintenance Tip 2 – Backfill Any Eroded Areas

Runoff from water can lead to depressions in your soil. In these kinds of spots, water may pool and cause erosion to the retaining wall. The good news is that it’s easy to address this since you just have to put more soil in those depressions.

Retaining Wall Maintenance Tip 3 – Avoid Using De-icers on Your Retaining Wall

These types of products often contain chemicals, and these chemicals can cause stones in your retaining wall to erode.

Retaining Wall Maintenance Tip 4 – Make Sure the Drainage Pipes are Kept Clear

Some of the retaining walls have a pipe for drainage in them. if this is the case with your retaining wall, make sure it’s kept free of debris. If not, clogs might prevent the water from being channeled away properly and this can cause damage to the foundation of the wall.

These are four retaining wall maintenance tips that you can use to make sure that your retaining wall keeps doing its job. Having a retaining wall on your property is a great way to prevent erosion and add some style to your property.

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