Pros & Cons of Concrete Patios

One of the most popular types of patios that people choose is a concrete patio. If this is something that you are considering for your home, it’s good to know the pros and cons of concrete patios so that you can see if this is one that is right for you.

concrete patios

Pros of Concrete Patios

They are Very Durable

Even though it may chip and crack, for the most part, poured concrete’s very durable and it’s going to last for many years. Unlike brick, pavers, or natural stone, it won’t shift. Adding rebar will also make large pour patios much stronger. The one thing that you should consider is that if you have decorative concrete, the dye could fade over time. Even though your concrete patio is going to remain strong, you may need to occasionally restore the finish.

They Have Great Designs

Since concrete is very versatile, it can be any size or shape. The number of stamps, dyes, and colors that are available means that you are unlimited in how many design options you have. It’s easy to create a customized patio that will perfectly match or complement your chosen color scheme for your garden or home.

Cost & Installation is Affordable & Easy

Even though it’s not a great choice for an inexperienced DIY, it’s affordable and easy when you hire a professional. Because of its ease of installation, the price is going to be economic and more affordable than other kinds of material.

So, now that we know of the pros that concrete patios offer, we’re going to look at a couple of cons that they also come with. The good news is that there are more pros than cons for concrete patios.

Cons of Concrete Patios

Maintenance & Repair

Daily maintenance of a concrete patio’s simple – sweep it, hose it down and you’re done. However, it’s the repairs that make it in the cons section. When you have extreme weather, like we often do in Massachusetts, it’s going to often crack. These cracks can often be expensive and hard to fix. Sometimes they may require a big portion of your patio to be removed and repoured. Matching your decorative concrete once it’s been repaired is often expensive and frustrating and you may not be able to achieve continuity.


Concrete often gets slippery when it’s wet. Therefore, if you are in an area that gets a lot of rain or there’s a lot of mist or fog in the evening or morning you may want to think of another option. Adding some aggregate to your mixture or selecting a design with a texture can help with minimizing the concern. And of course, if there are chips or cracks in the concrete and you don’t have them fixed, there’s a chance of tripping.

As you can see, concrete patios, although they have pros and cons, are one of the most popular options for homeowners because they are affordable and there are so many options. If you are interested in having a concrete patio put in, or you have questions about our hardscaping services, please feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to answer your questions. You can also reach us on Facebook.

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