3 Reasons Pergolas are Popular in Hardscaping

When homeowners look for hardscaping options for their homes, pergolas are one of the options they often turn to. Below are three of the big reasons why pergolas are so popular and why you should consider them for your own property.


Pergolas Can Create Shade

Pergolas aren’t made to completely keep the sun out. Rather, they’re designed to give you some protection and shade from direct sunlight and let air flow freely. Although a pergola will only provide you with partial shade, it’s still possible to create an area that is fully shaded. This can be done with bamboo covers or plants. It’s also possible to use fence panels and curtains to create a space that is more enclosed.

Sometimes a homeowner will use a pergola as a kind of awning. A pergola attaches to a property’s side and creates a wonderful way that you can prevent sunlight from going through your home’s windows.

You can Turn Them into Outdoor Kitchens

BBQ and outdoor kitchen pergola options are those that are most popular. The right kind of pergola accessories and furniture will mean that you are creating and getting more out of your outside kitchen than your indoor one.

An outdoor kitchen will encourage your family and friends to seek out shade while eating. This can also make your outdoor parties a lot more comfortable when the summer heat is blaring down.

Pergolas Extend Living Spaces

This goes along with the outdoor kitchen benefits above. Although the fact that you can dine outside with your pergola is great, it’s not the only benefit. When you have a deck and a pergola, it can create a great outdoor space for enjoying and entertaining.

Think about the things that you can do with your pergola.  With some comfortable furniture and a television, you can have a space for entertaining. Since a pergola is made for resisting the elements, you don’t have to be concerned about the pergola’s well-being. Having an entertainment space outside means that you don’t have to worry about so much traffic going into and outside of your house when people are visiting. This can cut down on the amount of dirt in your house.

Even if you’re not entertaining a lot, relaxing in the door space is something you can enjoy on your own. It’s so relaxing to enjoy your favorite book when you are sitting outside, and this is something that a pergola can provide.

Whether you are thinking about enjoying one of the benefits of pergolas by adding one to your property or you have a different hardscaping project in mind, we’d be happy to set up a no-obligation consultation. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. You can also send us a message through Facebook.

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