Create a Happy, Healthy, and Beautiful Lawn with These Tips

During the summer, it’s your lawn’s time to shine. Unfortunately, it’s during this time of the year that it’s under a lot of stress, as well. Hot temperatures and drought conditions can threaten the health and beauty of your lawn. Additionally, increased traffic from kids and pets often results in much more wear and tear than you would like. Even worse, when the weather is warm, the possibility of insects and diseases increases, too. 

Even though hot and dry weather does present some challenges, there are some steps you can take to keep your lawn happy, healthy, and beautiful. 

Use Mindful Watering Habits

Proper watering is a crucial element of having a healthy lawn. If you don’t water your lawn properly, the grass will suffer under the sun’s extreme heat. This may cause it to lose its healthy, green coloring. 

Soak Your Grass 

During dry spells, make sure you are soaking your grass. Even in situations where the blades appear tan or bran in color, it needs to be watered. This happens because the grass is working to protect itself against drought. Usually, it will recover during the fall. When you water regularly during the summer, you can prevent cases of dormancy and train your grass to grow deeper roots that will be able to endure the summer heat. Also, you can saturate the blade’s root zone by watering your grass deeply and infrequently. 

Water Earlier in the Day

It’s best to water your lawn early in the morning. Doing so can help reduce cases of water evaporation. For the best results, try to water your lawn between 6 AM and 10 AM. Watering when the sun is higher in the sky won’t provide as many benefits to your lawn because the water will evaporate before the grass can absorb it. Also, watering during the day is necessary because, at night, the blades won’t be able to absorb the water and undergo photosynthesis. 

Watch Where the Water Goes

If you want to avoid wasting your time and money, pay attention to where the water is going. If you notice runoff and puddles, you should move your sprinkler. If the runoff is happening before the grass can soak up the water, turn off the sprinklers for around 15 to 20 minutes and allow it to absorb. 

Never Use Hot Water

If your hose is left in the sun with water in it, the water can get so hot that it will scorch your grass. Make sure you empty the water left in the hose to ensure you don’t damage your grass. 

Keeping Your Grass Healthy All Summer Long

Do you want to ensure your grass remains healthy throughout the summer? If so, make sure to avoid the most common watering mistakes and use the tips here. You can also seek professional services, which will ensure your lawn gets what it needs to be healthy. Being informed is the best way to maintain a healthy lawn all year long.

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