6 Fire Pit Maintenance Tips

Fire Pit Maintenance

It’s hard to believe that August is almost here. it won’t be too long before the hot summer days turn into the cool weather of fall. As summer turns into fall, one of the best things that you can do to keep using your patio and backyard is to have a fire pit. But fire pit maintenance is one of the most important things to do to keep things safe. Below are some of the fire pit maintenance tips that you can use to keep your fire pit working well.

Fire Pit Maintenance Tips

  • Check the hardware on the fire pit before you use it each season and once per month at a minimum. You also should tighten the hardware as needed. You also want to keep checking the propane connections.
  • Don’t use combatants such as gasoline in your fire pit. They will create extremely hot fire, and this can damage the fire pit.
  • Keep anything plastic far from your fire as well as any surfaces that are hot. Melted plastic can cause gooey messes and can also produce toxic fumes.
  • Don’t use water for extinguishing the fire in the fire pit. This can create a very drastic temperature change that could warp or crack it.
  • Remove any creosote buildup regularly. This is very flammable and is left over from burning wood.
  • If you can store the fire pit in a location that is dry and sheltered. This is going to give it protection from the harsh conditions in the winter.

Just imagine what a fire pit can do for you when you are enjoying the cooler weather outside and entertaining family and friends. These fire pit maintenance tips that are listed above can help your fire pit last much longer.

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