Turkey Carving – 6 Easy Tips for Beginners

We know that we have been discussing Christmas this month. But since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, we thought we’d give you some turkey carving tips to help you get ready for the big day. Of course, some people choose turkey for Christmas too, so you can use this for Christmas Day, too! So, here are some tips for turkey carving.

turkey carving

Turkey Carving Tips 1 – Let Your Turkey Rest

Your turkey spent hours in your oven. The skin’s golden brown. Its meat is tender and moist. You don’t want to start slicing and dicing immediately.  Let the turkey sit for 20-30 minutes. If your turkey is larger, 40 minutes better. The result is going to be a moister turkey. Tent it using tinfoil, and your turkey meat is still going to be nice and warm.

Turkey Carving Tips 2 – Use the Correct Tools

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to use the wrong type of knife for carving your turkey. You are going to need a sharp blade. Something skinny and long like a good boning knife’s going to be a lot easier to go around your turkey’s curves than a regular chef’s knife. After you’ve got the knife picked out, you also want to have some scissors put out to help you with snipping your trussing, along with your carving fork to transfer the meat.

Turkey Carving Tips 3 – Don’t Forget a Towel

Your carving fork’s helpful for handling your sliced turkey. However, you shouldn’t use it for steadying your bird while it’s being carved. It will damage the meat unnecessarily and it won’t give you the stability that you want. To grip your turkey properly when it’s just come out of your oven, use a few paper towels or even two clean kitchen towels to protect your hands.

Turkey Carving Tips 4 – Begin with Your Drumsticks

Once you have given your guests enough time to look at your gorgeous turkey, you want to start breaking it down. Begin by slicing that skin in between its breast and leg, and then pull your drumstick from the main body. This will expose its hip socket. Once you have seen it, you have to cut that joint with your knife’s end. Separate its thigh and drumstick by using your hand to feel for its joint and then slice it. Do this for both sides. When you carve its wings, this process can be followed as well. Pull its limbs and then make the incisions at its joints.

Turkey Carving Tips 5 – Go On to Your White Meat

Slicing your turkey is going to give you a wonderful opportunity for showing off knife skills. There aren’t any awkward joints for you to be concerned about. Simply hold your turkey steady, cut right down into its breastbone. Then slice your turkey breast away from its ribcage. Start with one half and then the other. The breast pieces are on your cutting board, you should carve them into some even slices going against its grain. Make sure that all of your pieces get some crispy bits of skin.

Turkey Carving Tips 6 – Remember About the Oyster

The turkey’s best part is often overlooked. This is called the oyster. Don’t worry – has nothing to do with shellfish. This is dark meat that is succulent. It’s found on the turkey’s backside, above its thigh. It’s very tender and flavorful. If this amazing piece does not come off with the thigh, take your knife and pry it from its backbone. When it’s free, put it on your serving plate. Or you can put it into your mouth. No judgment here!

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