Want Healthy Peonies? Follow This Guide!

healthy peonies

Peonies are a beautiful flower and a favorite of many gardeners. If you want to grow peonies or if you are looking for ways that you can have beautiful, healthy peonies, here are some tips that you can use to help your peonies be strong and

Spare Fertilizer to Have Healthy Peonies

Make sure the soil is worked well prior to planting peonies, mixing in a bit of fertilizer and compost and this should be ample.

If you have weak soil, apply fertilizer early in summer. You want the peonies to have bloomed and the flowers are deadheaded. Fertilizer every 3 years or so.

Help Their Stems to Have Healthy Peonies

If there are any types of structural weakness in them, it’s in the stems. Sometimes they aren’t strong enough for supporting the huge blossoms. Consider using tomato cages made of wire that will let the plant grow through the support’s middle.

Deadhead the blossoms when they start fading. Make sure that you’ve cut them to one of the strong leaves so its stem isn’t sticking out from its foliage. During fall, cut it down completely to your bed. This will avoid any kind of overwintering diseases.

Don’t Use Mulch to Smother Peonies

When the weather is very cold, for that first winter once you’ve planted very loosely mulch using shredded bark or pine needles. In springtime, remove the mulch.

Diseases & Pests that Affect Peonies

One of the good things about peonies is that they are very hearty plants. They are also one of the deer-resistant plants. However, there are some types of diseases and pests that bother peonies, and we are going to look at them below.

  • Botrytis blight
  • Japanese beetles
  • Nematodes
  • Leaf blotch
  • Ringspot virus
  • Stem rot
  • Tip blight
  • Verticillium wilt

We hope that you enjoyed this blog about how you can have healthy peonies. If you are looking for plant health care services, you can contact us to get a quote. We are always glad to help you with your plants and make sure that you have a beautiful garden. We’re also on Facebook.

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