4 Simple Vole Prevention Tips

Voles are one of the most annoying pests that a homeowner can have in their yard. If you have had problems with voles in the past, or you worry about having them in your yard, there are some vole prevention tips that you can use to help avoid having this issue. Below are four vole prevention tips that you can use to help you avoid having these pests in your yard.

Vole Prevention Tips 1 –  Remove Vegetation

One thing that voles don’t like is being out in an open space. A really easy way that you can control voles is to modify their habitat. Remove the dense cover on the ground, keep your lawn mowed, lightly mulch around shrubs and trees, and make sure you’re keeping up on the removal of snow.

Vole Prevention Tips 2 – Protect Your Young Trees

Something else that voles love is gnawing young trees’ trunks. You can discourage this by wrapping your young trees’ lower trunks with plastic tubing or wire mesh.

Vole Prevention Tips 3 – Use Some Live Traps

These kinds of traps will trap the animals without injuring or killing them. Even though this may not be the thing to do when you have a severe infestation of voles, they’re great for controlling the number of voles or removing a few of them. make sure that you’re removing the trapped voles a long way when you’re releasing them. Otherwise, they might just come back.

Vole Prevention Tips 4 – Use Some Natural Repellants

Voles hate the way that castor oil tastes and smells. Sprinkling some around the yard can help with deterring them. They also don’t like capsaicin, which is what makes peppers spicy. To naturally deter voles, mix up some water and chopped up hot peppers, along with some dish soap (biodegradable). Spray the hotspots for voles in the landscaping and lawn with this mixture to stop them from nibbling your plants.

We hope that you found this blog about vole prevention tips to be useful. If you are in need of landscaping services, contact us to find out what we can do for you. We’re glad to answer any questions.

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