White Grubs – 5 Signs You Have Them

white grubs

White grubs are one of the most destructive pests that you can have in your lawn. The point is that you want to find them quickly and then get them taken care of before they do too much damage. Below are 5 signs that you have white grubs.

Signs of White Grubs 1 – Beetles or Moths Flying Above Your Grass

If you have seen beetles on your grass, then you’ve got white grubs. The white grubs are the beetles’ larva stage. Even though a few beetles’ species might be hovering over the yard, the grubs that will damage the grass will become beetles. They then fly over it, looking for a place where they can lay eggs and continue their life cycle.

Even though seeing the beetles won’t guarantee that you have a problem with grubs, it might mean that you are about to have one. They’re looking for a nice, healthy lawn where they can lay their eggs and make sure that their babies can feed.

Signs of White Grubs 2 – Lots of Animals in the Yard

If you have noticed a lot more animals in the yard, it might mean that they’re there for the grubs. Animals like birds, raccoons, and skunks might be spending a lot more time there to feed on the grubs.

This isn’t just an issue because you might have a problem with grubs, but the animals also might cause more issues on their own. These kinds of animals often dig and toss the dirt when they’re looking for grubs. It’s even possible that you are going to notice tunnels or molehills.

Signs of White Grubs 3 – Brown Patches on the Lawn

Are you noticing that you have patches of dead spots that are strange in shape on the lawn? When your yard has a lot of grubs in it, the grass is going to thin out and then turn brown. That will lead to larger patches of brown areas.

You’ll often see these types of brown patches in the late part of summer or in the early part of fall. This is when the grubs will increase the amount they eat, and the dead and damaged grass will become more visible.

A lot of factors can lead to brown patches, such as disease and drought. But if you’re seeing these patches along with other grub signs, chances are that you want to start treatments for grub control.

Signs of White Grubs 4 – You Have Seen Grubs

If you suspect that you have grubs in the yard, but you aren’t really sure, there’s an easy way that you can figure out if there’s a problem. Having some grubs in your yard is not uncommon. However, if you see a lot, then you want to address it.

To help you with checking for any grubs, dig up some little spots where you think that grubs are in your lawn. They’re off-white and they have chubby bodies, 6 legs, and brown heads. Usually, when they are discovered, they are in the shape of a C.

If you’re noticing more than 5 in one square foot, it’s possible that you’ve been infested with them. if you have a lot of grubs in every hole you have dug, you want to call someone in.

Signs of White Grubs 5 – Your Grass Feels Loose or Bouncy Underfoot

If you’re noticing a loose or spongy feel when you are walking on your grass, this is one of the biggest signs that you have grubs. They feed on grass roots, meaning the damage is happening underground. As they are feeding on your grass’s root structure, that connection between the grass’s green turf and root base becomes weakened.

These are 5 signs you have white grubs. Do you want someone to come out and take a look at your lawn? Contact us for a quote.

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