4 Late Summer Vegetables to Plant

late summer vegetables

Summer may be almost over, but there are still some late summer vegetables that you can plant so you have fresh vegetables to enjoy. Below are four late summer vegetables that you can plant now.

Late Summer Vegetables 1 – Carrots

Carrots can be planted in the garden every 3 weeks. It’s best to start to plant carrots in the late part of July to the early part of August. This will give your seeds the greatest chance of yielding a crop during the fall. But if they are left in your garden, their tops are going to flower and then produce the seeds during the second year.

Plant your seeds around 3-4 inches apart. Regularly water and weed them. make sure that you are also including fertilizer once 5 weeks have passed.

Late Summer Vegetables 2 – Cauliflower

This cool-weather vegetable is delicious, particularly if you roast it. These should be planted in the late part of August or in the early part of September, around 6-8 weeks before the first frost. It needs full sun – around 6 hours of it.

Before you plant it, add some compost to your soil and make sure it stays fertile. This is going to help with developing a single clean cauliflower head instead of a bunch of little ones. If you’re planting right from seeds, place them in rows 3-6 inches apart and anywhere from 0.25 to 0.50” deep. Regularly water the area and put mulch on so the moisture is conserved. If you think that it will be too hot for the plants, occasionally shade them.

Late Summer Vegetables 3 – Broccoli

This is a very hardy vegetable, so you’re able to plant it just 85 days prior to the first frost. In fact, it loves cool weather. check the area’s frost dates. If you aren’t sure middle to the late part of August usually is a good choice.

When you are planting broccoli. You should plant the seeds around ½ in the earth and 12-24 inches apart. If you’re planting multiple rows, the rows should be around 36” apart. Once they’re planted, you should fertilize the area for 3 weeks afterward. But you also should try to keep the crowns dry as they develop.

Late Summer Vegetables 4 – Spinach

When you’re planting spinach during the late part of the summer, look for an area that has full sun or light shade. You can do it in the early part of August if you have cool enough soil. Make sure that your soil’s also draining well.

Plant your seeds ½ to 1” deep and around 1” apart. You also can harvest in springtime, if the young plants are protected with a thick layer of mulch. Just make sure that you are adjusting your planting times based on when you are going to harvest.

These are four late summer vegetables that you can plant now. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. If you are interested, we offer a lot of different services. Contact us here and tell us how we can help you.

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