June Gardening Tips

Welcome to the month of June. We hope that you are enjoying the warmer weather and spending more time outside. We only have a few tips for June.

  • As we are moving into warmer months, you want to make sure that you are watering your plants properly. Containers and hanging baskets need some special attention since they’ll quickly dry. When you are watering your garden, it’s best to do it at the dawn and at the dusk. This will reduce the loss of water from evaporation.
  • You should mulch any trees or shrubs that you recently installed. This will reduce the loss of water and will help with protecting the new roots.
  • Once your azaleas finish their flowering, you want to prune them. The flowers that are going to come up on the growth from this year. so you want to prune them quickly after they flower. Therefore, if you prune later, you’re going to cut off the flowers for next year.

We hope that you enjoyed these tips for June. Please stay tuned for more blogs and please contact us if you are interested in gardening or landscaping help.

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