November Gardening Tips

This month is about protecting your plants. You want to check your tree ties and tie the shoots on those plants where it’s necessary so that damage is prevented during the harsh weather that’s coming. Even though there aren’t many things that you can do outdoors during November, you can use this time for planning for the upcoming year.

If your borders have bare patches or you’re interested in changing your layout, it’s a good time to do some research and then plan for the coming year. you also want to order seeds or plants so that you get them before the stock runs out.

Things to do in November:

·        Continue staying ahead of the fallen leaves and collect them regularly.

·        Plant your tulip bulbs in borders and pots. Make sure that there is enough drainage so that the bulbs won’t rot.

·        If the weather is dry, water your garden planters. Also, make sure that they’re off of the ground. This will make sure that they’re not waterlogged during the winter.

·        Clean your garden tools well and sharpen your pruners so that they’re ready for the coming year.

There you are. You’re ready for the month of November. Keep following us to find out what we have in mind for the rest of the month!

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