Gravel Driveway Winter Maintenance Tips

gravel driveway winter maintenance

What if you have a gravel driveway? Gravel driveway winter maintenance is different from asphalt driveway maintenance. Below are three tips for gravel driveway winter maintenance.

Gravel Driveway Winter Maintenance 1 – Regularly Rake It

A very simple thing that you can do when you are maintaining a gravel driveway is to regularly rake it. This is going to help with keeping its surface level and lets you remove anything like twigs, leaves, and other kinds of debris that could be lodged in the driveway.

Winter can be really harsh when you have a gravel driveway since rain and wind can fill it with debris. It also can make it look neglected. When you are raking it regularly, it will help keep it looking good. It also will make it a lot safer since that debris can make it hard to drive and walk.

Gravel Driveway Winter Maintenance 2 – Monitor Drainage

Throughout the winter, you also want to make sure that you are monitoring the driveway for any signs of problems with drainage. You want to look at it after you get a lot of rain. Is there pooling or flooding in the driveway? This will indicate that it has problems with drainage, probably due to improper grading. You want to make sure that you’re filling in low points or potholes with more gravel. It’s also important to be sure that the whole driveway has ample gravel so that it’s higher than the surrounding ground. This is going to stop the water from running off your lawn so that it pools in the driveway.

Gravel Driveway Winter Maintenance 3 – Keep It Fresh

Winter weather is harsh, and it can scatter the gravel so that your driveway looks disheveled. When you are doing maintenance, you want to add new gravel layers when winter ends so that your driveway will look good and have the right levels. Based on the way that it looks, it’s possible that you are going to have to add more during the winter.

These are three tips for gravel driveway winter maintenance. If you need a new driveway, contact us here.

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