Pre-Winter Gutter Cleaning Tips

Pre-Winter Gutter Cleaning Tips
Pay attention to these pre-winter gutter cleaning tips.

Before winter really gets here, the best thing that you can do is to look at your gutters. Below are some pre-winter gutte cleaning tips that you can use to make sure that your gutters are ready for winter.

Pre-Winter Gutter Cleaning Tips 1 – Make Sure You’re Safe

You should always make sure that you are safe when you are doing gutter maintenance. Here are some things that you should do:

·        Put on safety goggles

·        Put on gloves

·        Wear shoes that are non-slip

·        Put a mask on, particularly if you’re sensitive to allergies, pollen, or dust.

·        Don’t do it alone.

Pre-Winter Gutter Cleaning Tips 2 – Clean Your Gutters 2 Times Per year

You should clean the gutters a minimum of twice per year. clean them before winter and then clean them when spring comes. You also want to keep an eye on them after there’s a big storm. If you’re hearing the knocks and clatters of leaves, twigs, and branches on the walls or roof because of high winds, it’s a good idea to inspect and clean any kind of obvious debris since it will keep your downspouts and gutters clear.

Pre-Winter Gutter Cleaning Tips 3 – Clear Your roof from Any Existing Debris

Usually, your gutter will fill up using debris from your roof that will wash down via rain. It also can make its way down as time goes by thanks to gravity. If you’re ok with heights, you want to go up on the roof and get rid of any debris.

Pre Winter Gutter Cleaning Tips 4 – Inspect Your Gutters

After you have cleaned your gutters and your downspouts are also cleared, you want to look at your gutters. You’re looking for signs of problems such as rust, holes, or leaks. Chances are that you are going to see these problems at the joints of the gutters, where the edges have been welded together.

There are kits for gutter patching. You also want to use a sealant such as caulk on corroded or weak joints. You want to also look for any areas where the framework of your gutters has detached from your roof.

These are 4 pre-winter cleaning gutter tips that you can use to make sure that your gutters are ready for winter. If you’re worried about going up on a ladder, we offer gutter cleaning services. Contact us here for a quote. We also are on Facebook.

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