Winter Gutter Maintenance – 4 Handy Tips

winter gutter maintenance

Your home’s gutters are a very important part. That’s why winter gutter maintenance is something that you should make a priority this winter. Not only will it help your gutters to be strong and last longer, but it also will h elp with preventing many of the problems that can occur when your gutters aren’t properly maintained. Below are four tips that you should remember this winter.

Winter Gutter Maintenance 1 – Make Sure Your Gutters are Clean

Periodically clean out the gutters. This is going to help prevent ice and debris from collecting in them. During the winter, it can make your gutters heavy, which can lead to sagging or breakage. So you want to make sure that they are clean as possible.

Winter Gutter Maintenance Tip 2 – Avoid Snow Piling on the Roof

If there’s a lot of snow piling up on your home’s roof, you are going to have a lot of water that is going through the gutters when it melts. When this buildup becomes excessive, it’s best to consult with a professional and have them remove it. It’s going to help with keeping your gutters, siding, and roof in much better condition.

Winter Gutter Maintenance Tip 3 – Quickly Address Leaks

Although you are going to notice a lot of air and heat leaking out of your home through cracks and gaps, you also want to make sure you’re checking your gutters for leaks or gaps. If you don’t, and there are gaps in the gutters, this can cause problems with your home’s structure and foundation. So, make sure that you’re keeping an eye on your gutters.

Winter Gutter Maintenance Tip 4 – Remember to Check Your Downspouts

Your gutters’ downspouts can potentially fill with ice throughout the winter, which can cause more problems when spring comes. Even though it’s easier to notice problems with gutters, you also should make sure you’re keeping an eye on your downspouts too. When you keep them clear, you’re going to help prevent sagging and cracking.

These are four things that you should do with your gutters this winter. It can save you a lot of problems and can also help your home stay strong. We offer gutter cleaning services, if you are interested. Please call us or contact us here for a quote. You can also reach us on Facebook.

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