Feeding Birds in the Winter – 6 Bird Food Types

feeding birds

One of the best things that you can do when the weather is cold is to put birdseed out for your feathered friends. Feeding birds in the winter not only gives you some color to enjoy during the dreariness and bleakness of the winter months but it also helps them to survive as well. Here are some of the best types of things you can put in your birdfeeders.

6 Types of Food for Feeding Birds This Winter

Mixes That are Species-specific – Lyric® is a birdseed company that has created many special blends. These attract specific groups or species of birds. They target the birds’ nutritional needs and can help them get through hard winters.

Nyjer® Seed – This is a good option that you want to try if you don’t want a lot of squirrels around your place. It brings in a lot of finches. However, you will need to get a finch feeder that will hold it.

Peanuts – Peanuts are an option that is high in protein. You can get them as peanuts or simply get them inside the shell. They are something that a lot of birds love. Unfortunately, a lot of other animals love them too, especially squirrels. But if you don’t mind some squirrels, put these out for your birds.

Safflower Seed – Along with Nyjer® seed, this is another option that you can choose from if you’re having trouble with pesky squirrels eating your birdseed. This is the type of seed to get. It’s a kind that squirrels don’t care for, but birds seem to like. It draws in chickadees, grosbeaks, and Northern Cardinals.

Sunflower Seed (black oil)– This is the very best birdseed all around and it draws in a lot of different types of birds. The reason? It’s full of protein. Both small and big birds love this type of seed.

Suet – During the cooler months, suet’s another option. These cakes are made from rendered fat, grains, and seeds. This diet is high energy and it’s especially important in colder areas such as Massachusetts where the metabolism of a bird works really hard simply to keep the bird warm.

These are some of the types of food that you can use for feeding birds during the winter. We hope that you enjoyed our blog. and found it useful. Please comment below and let us know.

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