3 Healthy Tree Tips

healthy tree tips

Summer is almost over, and the stronger, harsher weather is coming. You want healthy trees so that they are strong and able to stand up against the storms that are coming. Below are three healthy tree tips to make sure that your trees are better prepared for whatever is coming.

Healthy Tree Tips 1 – Protect Their Roots

Soil compaction can make your trees very stressed. It makes it a lot harder for the water to get through the soil. It also reduces how much oxygen will reach the roots. This means that the root system is going to be weak. If you already have compacted soil, one of the best things to do is to have it aerated.

Healthy Tree Tips 2 – Mulch & Fertilize

Think about the mulch bed of your trees. When was it last refreshed? Keeping a mulch layer of 2-4” around the tree can help with reducing soil compaction. It also can help prevent damage from mowers and trimmers and add important nutrients back into the soil. Finally, it can help with moderating the temperature of the soil, which creates a great environment for the trees.

Another way that you can help with keeping trees healthy is with fertilization. Typically, a tree will need 16 to 19 important elements for growing and thriving. Since a lot of soil is deficient in nutrients and very altered, regularly using a fertilizer can help with doing some good.

Healthy Tree Tips 3 – Safeguard Their Trunks

String trimmers and lawn mowers often damage the bark of the tree along with the system that the bark is safeguarding. This is known as the phloem. This is the pipeline that’s transporting those nutrients that are made thanks to photosynthesis.

When this is damaged, it can mean that the root system is weakened. When this occurs, it isn’t able to send minerals and water from your soil to your tree.

These are three healthy tree tips that you can use to help your trees be strong. If you are interested in having us come and look at your trees, contact us here. we offer a lot of tree services.

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