Happy Arbor Day!

Today is Arbor Day. Arbor Day was born on April 10, back in 1872. Hard to believe that it is 149 years old this year. Its birthplace was Nebraska City, Nebraska, and it’s estimated that almost 1 million trees were planted that day. Here are some Arbor Day facts.

arbor day

7 Facts About Arbor Day

  • J. Sterling North, the Nebraska Territory’s secretary, prop
  • It became a legal holiday by 1885 in Nebraska.
  • Its name was almost Sylvan Day. This comes from the Latin word “Silva” which means woodland or of the forest. However, Mr. Morton didn’t want it to just include forest trees, so it was changed to Abor Day.
  • It’s believed that more than 1,000,000 trees got planted that day in Nebraska.
  • It’s often celebrated on the final Friday in April. However, a lot of states choose various dates so that the trees are planted on the best dates. For instance, in the deeper part of the south, it’s celebrated in February. Other states further north choose to celebrate during the month of May.
  • Arbor Day was first documented in 1594 in MondoƱedo, a Spanish village. Horse-chestnut and lime trees were planted.
  • Worldwide, it is celebrated by a minimum of 44 countries.

On Arbor Day, go out and enjoy a tree. They give us shade, they help keep our air clean, and they just help the world be a beautiful place. The world would be truly a sad place without them.

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