4 Huge Signs Your Lawn Needs Fertilizer

Now that the nice weather is here and you will be spending more time outside, you want your lawn to look nice and green. One thing we have noticed is that many people don’t know the signs that their lawn needs fertilizing. Below are four signs that you might notice that will tell you that your lawn needs fertilizer


Nitrogen Deficiency

Some of the signs that your lawn is deficient in nitrogen are: 

  • Yellow-green or yellow grass
  • Slow growth
  • Low grass density

If you are noticing any of these signs, it may be time to fertilize your lawn. One that’s high in nitrogen is the best choice in this instance.

Fairy Rings Means Fertilizer, Please

This is the term used when t here’s grass patches that have dead or light-colored grass in their center. Sometimes there will also be mushrooms on these patches’ outer rings. This means there’s an issue with your lawn having fungus. This is often common with lawns that are growing in soil that has a lot of organic matter in it. It’s recommended that you aerate the soil manually before you put down fertilizer with a lot of nitrogen in it. You also want to keep these areas moist for several days.

It Needs Fertilizer if You See Rust

If you see rust on your grass, this is also related to fungus. This will either be yellow or reddish-brown. If you don’t treat it, it also can appear as little bumps of reddish brown or yellow on the older grass blades. These blades will die eventually. One of the best ways that you can prevent this is to perform basic maintenance plus a fertilizer that’s high in nitrogen when your lawn’s dry. After this is done, regularly irrigate it and mow more often. This will help with preventing rust buildup.

Phosphorous Deficiency

If your grass is blue-green and dull, this likely means that it’s deficient in phosphorus and it’s in its early stages. If it’s left go, your grass’s blade edges will turn a purplish hue. Then it will appear reddish. This means that your grass needs phosphorous.

These are four signs that you should use fertilizer on your lawn. If you are looking for a lawn care company, we are happy to answer any questions that you have. Please get in touch and let’s talk about what we can do for you and your lawn.

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