Gardening Tips for January

Welcome to the beginning of the year. we are starting up our monthly gardening tips again. So here are some tips for January.

·        Now is the time to look at your gardening catalogs so that you can order your spring gardening.

·        Check for any frost heaves surrounding your plants outside and put more mulch on if necessary.

·        If you got a poinsettia during the holiday, place it in the window. This will let it get a lot of sunlight. You should water it when its soil surface is dry. Let the water come from the pot’s bottom. But don’t let your plant sit in the water.

·        If you’re storing tubers, corms, or bulbs, now is the time that you want to check them and make sure that they’re not too dry or rotting.

·        Prune your fruit trees. This will promote fruit production and healthy growth.

These are some of the things that you want to do this month. Happy new year!

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