Benefits of a No-Till Garden

benefits of a no-till garden

Do you till your garden? If so, then you should consider having a no-till garden. Below are some benefits of a no-till garden.

Benefits of a No-Till Garden

  • It increases your soil’s fertility, biological diversity, water retention, resiliency, organic matter, crop yield, and nutrient cycling over the plowed soil
  • When you don’t toil, you don’t compromise your soil’s natural structure. You preserve the essential air pores and reduce soil compaction and water runoff. You also need to use less water for irrigating plants.
  • You don’t disturb the established associations of fungal, mycorrhizal, and microbial in the soil. This lets the critters continue the work from the soil. When you till, it can make this activity stop.
  • Those roots that are left when the garden isn’t tilled are going to decompose as time goes by. This provides free nutrients and organic matter to those microorganisms and worms that are eating the detritus in your soil.
  • When your garden mimics nature, it’s going to be a lot simpler to maintain. There are fewer issues with disease and pests. It also can help with giving you additional beneficial insects.

These are some of the benefits of a no-till garden. If you are interested, we offer gardening and landscaping services. contact us for more information. We’re also on Facebook.

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