6 Easy-to-Grow Flowers

easy-to-grow flowers

Do you have a red thumb? Do you have trouble growing flowers? The good news is that there are some easy-to-grow flowers that just about anyone can grow. Below are 6 easy-to-grow flowers that just about anyone can grow.

6 Easy-to-Grow Flowers


This very simple-to-grow flower comes in a lot of colors, and it can grow in dry or moist soil. They don’t need any fertilizer. All you have to do is to give them enough sun to grow.

Sweet Alyssum

These are dainty flowers and they’re often used in edging on the landscape. They prefer the full sunlight and they come in flowers such as purple, pink, and white. They also have a sweet fragrance that makes them a favorite.


Do you have a place in the garden that doesn’t get a lot of water or gets too much sun? then you want to choose sedum. They come in different heights based on their variety and they come in red, pink, or yellow.


This is a favorite of many gardeners. They have minty fragrances, hence their name, and they look great when used for edging. You should choose soil that is well-drained with lots of sun and fertilizer to help these flourish.


Although a lot of people think of the color yellow when they think of sunflowers, they come in over 70 shades. They attract bees, which helps your other flowers. No matter what the soil conditions are, they typically will grow fine if they have lots of sun.


These flowers usually grow as tall as four feet, and they are great for brightening your garden. You also want to remember that the Japanese beetle will go to the white zinnias, so you want to choose another variety if they are in the area.

These are 6 easy-to-grow flowers. If you are interested, we offer help with your gardening. If you would like to know more, simply contact us here to get a quote. We’re also on Facebook.

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