Dealing With Ticks And Mosquitoes

It’s the creepy-crawlies season, and to be honest, that season is lasting longer and longer as we experience record-setting temperatures across the U.S.

With that being said, many property owners are already familiar with the problem of encountering certain kinds of bugs outside. Mosquitoes and ticks, both of which like to attach to the human body and suck its blood, have been bothering us since time immemorial. But the problem has, in some ways, gotten worse. 

In past blog posts, we’ve gone over some of the numbers around insect populations. Here’s more about what we do to help you to rid your property of these pests…


Mosquitoes are the more obvious and evident type of infestation that is an annoyance and health risk.

People notice when they’re sitting around getting bitten outside. We come in with tested sprays, and that can decrease the mosquito population and alleviate some of this problem at your property. Having a place to sit that’s below average in terms of mosquito population is a great part of enjoying the summer! You can use citronella and that kind of stuff, but our programs are specially formulated to get rid of the dreaded mosquito, and all of the potential diseases that come with their blood-sucking activity. 

Dealing with Ticks

Ticks are much more invisible and unseen predators of the human body.

The danger, though, is that ticks can carry some diseases that are serious, and even fatal in some cases. Yes, there is a vaccine for Lyme disease, but the task of watching the body for tick attachment is still a vital part of watching your health during a warm season. 

We’ve seen tick populations ramp up during warm seasons lately. Your pets can also carry these creepers into your house and into your bed or otherwise lead to them getting attached to you in unhealthy ways. 

Tick and Mosquito Pest Control

Here’s a bit about our process…

Over a series of weeks, we’ll apply a number of applications to your property. We’ll concentrate on certain key points – for instance, under decks, in mulch beds and at certain property lines around the building or lot.

Combining our expert resources with our professional experience, we can help make sure that your property is a safer, nicer place to congregate and live. Take a look online and see what we can do for you, this season, and moving forward, and bookmark us because, though winter is coming, another summer comes after that. 

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