4 Common Animals in Gutters That Cause Problems

When you have a problem with your gutters on your home, many times this is caused by an animal taking up residence in your gutter. Animals in gutters are something that many people experience, and these creatures can block your gutter and cause other problems which can damage your home. Below are some of the common animals that you may find residing in your gutters.

Animals in Gutters 1 – Squirrels

animals in gutters

This is one of the most common animals that will nest in your gutters. They like to scurry up gutters and trees onto a roof, and a lot of times they will do this to help them stay safe from predators. They also might store food in the gutters, which can lead to clogs. When there isn’t any pathway for the water to escape your roof, it’s going to stay there longer. This can cause mold growth and leaks if you don’t address the problem. One way to you can reduce these risks is by putting up gutter guards or by blocking your downspout using mesh,

Animals in Gutters 2 – Bats

Although these aren’t as common as squirrels, they can sometimes show up. They won’t create nests like some of the other animals. But they often will hide under your roof’s eaves or inside your attic. This can mean that you are having problems with bat guano in or on your house. This can lead to health problems to you and your family, along with the possibility of rabies.

Animals in Gutters – Rodents

Mice and rats, similar to bids, will make nests using materials like leaves and twigs which they can find gutters that aren’t cleaned regularly. It’s possible they’ll find sources of food there too, like bugs and seeds, and drink the water. This is going to encourage them to breed and thrive. So, you want to make sure that you’re regularly cleaning your gutters so that these food sources are removed from being close to your house.

Animals in Gutters – Birds

Another very common culprit is birds. The protection and height that gutters provide make them a great location for a bird to nest and raise babies. Because of this, you may be hearing wings flapping and chirping. It’s also possible you are going to see one of the parents flying back and forth to the nest, which you probably can’t see. Even though hearing and seeing birds isn’t unnecessarily a problem, the nests often will clog your drain, which can cause flooding and water damage.

These are four animals that you may have residing in your home’s gutters. If you want to help avoid the problems that animals in gutters bring, contact us to have a gutter cleaning. We’re ready to give you a quote. Contact us today and avoid problems in the future.

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