9 Signs Your Home’s Gutters Aren’t Doing Their Job

Your home’s gutters do a lot to help keep you, your home, and your family safe and healthy. But sometimes they aren’t doing the work that they are meant to do. It could be because they are old or it also could be because your gutters need to be cleaned. Below are 9 signs that they need some help.

Water Is Pouring from Your Gutters

You should only see water draining from your downspouts. If there are waterfalls that are coming from the roof when it rains, it’s possible that your gutters are cracked, clogged, or damaged in another way.

Water is Leaking into Your Basement

Basement leaks, floods, and seeing mold growing often are because your gutters are faulty. This is because they’re not draining the water away from the house.

You See Cracks in Your Home’s Foundation

Look at the foundation of your home. Are you noticing worn areas or cracks in it? This is often a sign that the gutters aren’t directing the water away safely from the home.

Your Home’s Gutters have Standing Water

If you find that your home’s gutters aren’t draining the water and rather are holding it, then there is likely a problem such as the gutter being clogged.

Your Home’s Gutters are Sagging or Hanging Loose

To properly drain water, your gutters have to be installed securely. They’ll need to be repaired if they’re hanging loosely, sagging, tilted rather than level, the seams aren’t connected, or they are dropping broken fasteners and nail onto the ground.

Cracked or Bent Gutters

Multiple bends, rust, cracks, and other kinds of visible damage might mean that you need new gutters. If that’s not possible, you should look into repairs.

There are Puddles Close to the Foundation After a Rain

This might signal that the gutters aren’t doing the job that is most important – preventing excess moisture, mold, and standing water from going around the foundation of your home.

Your Home’s Exterior is Eroding

Did you know that you can tell how your gutters are doing by looking at your home’s exterior? Corroded siding, peeling paint, rust, and rot all point to water damaging the exterior of your home. This could be because of your gutters.

Your Landscaping is Washed Out

home's gutters

You should align your gutters so they’re sending out and away from your landscaping. Otherwise, your plants could wash away, your roots might come loose, or there could be mud tracks forming in your flowerbeds.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that can be caused by not having a set of clean and well-maintained gutters. We offer gutter cleaning services. If you are interested in having your home’s gutters cleaned, please contact us to request a quote and we’ll be glad to send you one.

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