3 Common Concrete Patio Issues

Common Concrete Patio Issues

Are you thinking about putting a patio in and you’re wondering if you should think about a concrete patio? This is usually one of the most common types. But there are four common concrete patio issues that you might encounter. Below are the ones that are most common.

Common Concrete Patio Issues 1 – Cracking

One of the most common problems with a concrete patio is that it’s going to crack. There are a few different kinds of cracks, and some of them show up much sooner when compared with the others. Some are due to settling while others can be due to a lot of weight on the patio.

Common Concrete Patio Issues 2 – Surface Scaling

This is when the surface flakes or peels mainly because the surface freezes and thaws. In the beginning, this happens in little patches. However, this can eventually expand to bigger areas. This also could happen if the surface got a lot of water or was overworked.

Common Concrete Patio Issues 3 – Discoloration

This often will show up as blotchy spots, general differences in color, stripes, and dark spots. There are a few reasons that this could happen. It can happen when there is too much or too little water used, if the materials were low quality, or if the mixture was inconsistent. It also can happen if water puddles are leaving behind dark stains or rust from dirt. Salts used for de-icing also can discoloration.

Common Concrete Patio Issues 4 – Blisters

These hollow bumps will show up right after the patio is completed. They might be small, around dime size. They also can be around 3” in diameter. They will often happen when the patio’s surface becomes sealed prematurely while drying. The culprit is sometimes the wind, which causes the surface to dry very fast.

These are four of the common concrete patio issues that a lot of homeowners encounter. If you are looking for someone to create a patio for you, contact us here. We are glad to help you with creating a patio you can enjoy for years to come.

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