3 Fall Patio Tips

The weather might be cooler, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop using your patio. Below are three fall patio tips that you can use to help your patio look great throughout the season.

Fall Patio Tips 1 – Clean and Power Wash the Patio

Although it may not seem like an enjoyable chore, cleaning up the patio during fall is the best choice you can make. The summer’s heat is now passed, and it’s still fairly comfortable. Take the time now to thoroughly clean the patio.

Sweep the patio, tossing out debris that is on the patio. When you leave some wet leaves on the hardscape for a lengthy amount of time, they can stain. Power wash it, either with your own or with a rented one, to thoroughly clean the patio.

Fall Patio Tips 2 – Protect Outdoor Furniture

You want to keep patio furniture well protected during these months. Although you’re not quite ready to close the patio up now, there are a few ways that you can give your furniture protection.

There are covers that you can get for covering up your furniture. They’re great to use when there’s a storm forecast or you are simply looking for a way to keep the furniture protected anytime you aren’t using them.

There are also put pillows, cushions, and other things in a box that’s made to be outside.

Fall Patio Tips 3 – Update the Décor of Your Patio for Fall

Your trees are getting some new décor. Why shouldn’t your patio? You can put some flowerpots around with some seasonal flowers in them. you also can swap out your summer cushions for some cushions in fall colors like red, deep purple, and orange. You also want to add a few blankets around your patio so that guests and family members can use them.

You also can make the outdoor space look stylish for the fall season by purchasing accessories for accenting your décor. Create a table topper for fall using a combination of gourds, tiny pumpkins, fall foliage, and squash. Put the bigger pumpkins around the patio and hang several autumn wreaths around.

These are three fall patio tips that you can use to help your patio look great. Need a new patio? We can help you with that. Contact us here for a quote.

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