4 Tips for Choosing a Watering System

choosing a watering system

You are proud of your garden, so you want to make sure that your plants stay well. This involves choosing a water system that is right for you and your plants. Below are 4 tips that you can use to find the right watering system.

Choosing a Watering System Tip 1  – Think About the Soil

There are various kinds of soil, and each one has its own ability to hold water, for absorption, and for penetration. The type of soil that you have will affect the way that it will absorb water, and that will determine which type of irrigation system you use. clay soil can absorb more of the water and sand absorbs less.

Choosing a Watering System Tip 2 – Garden Size

If you have a smaller garden, you could choose something simple and use a watering can. You’ll just have to fill it with rainwater that you collect. Although it’s not a very common way of watering the plants, you can make it part of the routine.

If you have a larger garden, this isn’t going to be a good idea. A garden hose might be a good idea. They’re easy to use and affordable. Keep in mind that you will need a faucet outside.

Choosing a Watering System Tip 3 – Consider the Water

A big factor when you are choosing your watering system is the water. The water’s location and how available it is something to consider. What are you going to be using? A well, water tank, pond, or lake? When you have low water pressure, chances are that you will need to rule out sprinklers. Using the drip system is going to be better.

Another thing you have to consider is if your water source contains chlorine or minerals. Rainwater’s pure. However, usually tap water is treated. If you are using treated water, it can damage your plants’ leaves if you spray it. The best way you can apply treated water is through a drip system.

The majority of these irrigation systems will require some filtration for clearing out chemicals or minerals which could ruin your plants from beneath.  Think about testing the water for any water-borne pathogens prior to using it.

Choosing a Watering System Tip 4 – Consider Your Plant Types

The kinds of plants that are in the garden are going to determine what kind of irrigation you’re using. for example, you’re going to need a system that is different for your herb garden than your lawn. It also will depend on it you have trees, vegetable beds, shrubs, containers, hanging baskets, or other kinds.

Some of the plants are going to catch fungal infections when you use a spray system. Some of them can overgrow and block water from reaching your whole garden.

These are four tips that you can use when choosing a watering system. We hope that you found this useful. If you are interested, we offer a variety of landscape services. contact us today and let us know how we can help you.

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