4 Common Watering Mistakes

watering mistakes

We recently did a blog about some watering tips. Today we are going to look at some of the common watering mistakes that people make. Below are 4 common watering mistakes.

Watering Mistakes 1 – Watering Your Plants’  Tops

You shouldn’t water your plants’ foliage or leaves. When the water droplets remain on their leaves, they can cause scorch marks. It’s also not enough to simply spray their top. You’ll need to soak their roots.

The roots of your plants are like your mouth. Simply spraying the water on the leaves isn’t going to do a lot for them. simply like splashing some water on your face won’t help you if you’re thirsty.

Watering Mistakes 2 – Underwatering

Another mistake that you may be making is that you aren’t watering the plants enough. It’s tricky to water your plants because it’s really simple to feel quickly that the water you have given them is enough. However, if you check your soil, it’s possible you are going to notice it’s still dry under the surface.

You need to make sure that you are getting the water to the roots of your plants. If your soil’s dry when you put your finger an inch into it, you need to water more. Water until the soil is at least 3” below the soil’s surface.

Watering Mistakes 3 – Overwatering

Another mistake that people make is watering too much. Below are some common reasons that people overwater.

  • The pot doesn’t have a drainage hole
  • Watering your garden & it rains the next day
  • Not keeping track of the watering schedule
  • Allowing your neighbors to water when you are away.

A way that you can avoid the problem of overwatering is to use the finger test mentioned above. Stick the finger 2-3 inches below the surface. If it feels moist, you should not water the plants. Otherwise, it’s fine to water.

Watering Mistakes 4 – Not Using Any Mulch

Mulch just isn’t a way that you can make the flower bed appear nice. It helps with keeping moisture in your soil. It will prevent the water from quickly evaporating when the temperature goes up. It also means that the plants need to be watered less often.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog about watering mistakes. We offer a variety of gardening and landscaping services. if you are interested, contact us here.

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