15 Helpful April Gardening Tips

april gardening tips

Hello! It’s so wonderful that the weather is getting nicer, isn’t it? We hope that you have been enjoying the monthly gardening tips that we’ve been posting since the beginning of the year. Today, we are going to continue those tips with some handy April gardening tips.

15 April Gardening Tips

  1. Get your soil tested, if it hasn’t been done already.
  2. Edge your flower beds to get rid of any kind of invasive lawn rhizomes. Throw your edgings into your compost pile.
  3. Stake the plants in your garden. A piece of rebar is a great option for your garden stakes. It’s durable, strong, and cheap. It also comes in a lot of sizes. Stores that sell building supplies will have it.
  4. Start up your lawnmower and see if you need to tune it up or repair it, before you cut your grass. Make sure the blades are nice and sharp. Sharpen up other tools too.
  5. Fertilize your lawn with a product high in nitrogen this month.
  6. Don’t work in your garden unless your soil is breaking up inside your hand, by squeezing a lump.
  7. Turn your compost if it’s not frozen.
  8. Sometimes hummingbirds will come around this time of year. Clean your hummingbird feeders, fill them and put them out for early birds.
  9. When the frost is gone, sow your peas.
  10. Keep on pruning your trees of any diseased or dead limbs.
  11. Once your shrubs are finished blooming, prune them.
  12. You can prune your berry bushes. Check out this online reference guide.
  13. Pull out the leftover bramble branches and any old, dead weeds. Now’s a great time to do it because the soil’s moist and soft.
  14. Remove the mulch from your strawberries. Put peony supports and trellis systems in place. Plant cold-weather plants, such as pansies.
  15. Divide & plant your perennials, then cut away the growth from last year.

These are 15 April gardening tips that you can enjoy. Remember, if you want some landscaping done on your home, we are happy to give you a quote. Simply contact us here.

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