Lots of Clover in Your Lawn? 5 Possible Reasons

lots of clover

Are you noticing lots of clover in your lawn? If so, then you might wonder why this is happening. Below are some of the common reasons why clover might be in your lawn.

You Have Lots of Clover When Soil pH is Too Low/Too High

Clover will grow well in just about any type of pH. So it’s going to be happy regardless of the pH of your soil, even when the grass isn’t.

Soil Deficient in Important Nutrients Causes Lots of Clover

Clover will thrive in soil that is nitrogen deficient. Seeing Dutch clover (white) means that your soil is low in nitrogen. If you are seeing it in the lawn, chances are your soil doesn’t have enough nitrogen in it. Putting some organic lawn fertilizer can help with bumping up the levels of nitrogen in the soil and will reduce your clover amounts.

Clover Grows When You Cut Your Grass Too Short

When your grass is longer, it will shade and crowd out other kinds of plants, like clover. Keep the blades of your mower at a minimum height of 3.5”. this will encourage deeper roots and taller grass.

Clover Will Grow When Your Grass Isn’t Getting Enough Water

When your grass is stressed, it’s less dense. This will leave room for weeds such as clover to grow. Try to water deeply and slowly 1-2 times per week when the weather is dry. Your soil should be moist 4-6” under the surface. You can prevent turfgrass diseases by watering the grass during the morning instead of the evening.

Compacted Soil Leads to Lots of Clover

Clover will tolerate soil that’s compacted better than your grass. Clover also has some longer roots, which means that it can access water much deeper than grass.

Core aeration can help with reducing compaction and make a better environment for your grass to grow in. it also will help with reducing your clover as well as other kinds of lawn weeds.

We hope that you found this to be useful. If you are noticing lots of clover in your lawn or you want someone to come and look at your lawn, contact us for a quote. We’ll be glad to show you what we can offer. You can also follow us on Facebook.

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