8 Plants to Start Inside Before Gardening Season

The snow may still be on the ground, but you can get some of your favorite vegetables started now with these plants to start inside. Get a jumpstart on your garden now and enjoy the fruits of your labor even sooner.

Plants to Start Inside 1 – Broccoli & Cauliflower

Are you a fan of these two vegetables? Then you want to consider getting them started inside. These are both simple to transplant. Therefore, when you want to move the vegetables outside, they’re going to be nice and hearty so they can survive soil even if it’s cooler.

Plants to Start Inside 2 – Tomatoes

These come in a lot of different varieties and they’re great to begin inside since they’re able to be transplanted without a lot of complications.

Plants to Start Inside 3 – Lettuces

This is one that you’re going to love if you eat a lot of salad. Lettuce is able to tolerate soils that are cooler, meaning they’re going to continue sprouting even if the outdoor soil’s cool during spring’s later weeks.

Plants to Start Inside 4 – Peppers

Both hot and sweet peppers love hot weather. If you want to grow some peppers, but you aren’t interested in waiting until the latter part of summer for enjoying them, you can begin them indoors. Frost will damage your pepper plants. Therefore, to fight this start them indoors and then wait for any chances of frost to pass before you transplant them.

Plants to Start Inside 5 – Celery

This plant is challenging because it takes a long time to grow – 130 – 140 days. It’s a good idea to start your celery seeds inside 10=12 weeks prior to the final frost. When your seedlings are 4-6” high, you can transplant them to your garden 1-2 weeks before the date of final frost.

Plants to Start Inside 6 – Cabbage

This vegetable loves cool weather, and it loves a growing season that is a bit longer. So, you should begin it 4-6 weeks before you transplant it. You can transplant your seedlings outside, right before final frost.

Plants to Start Inside 7 – Cucumbers

Even though cucumbers aren’t fans of having roots distributed, you can begin a few of the plants indoors if you enjoy them. whether they’re being grown for pickling or salads, begin the seeds indoors around 3 weeks before you put them outside. Just be sure that the temperature of the soil outside’s at least 60 and there isn’t any danger of frost.

Plants to Start Inside 8 – Eggplant

Since eggplant’s growing season is a long one, it’s a good vegetable to begin inside. You should sow it inside 7-10 weeks before you transplant it outdoors. Then transplant it again 4-6 weeks following the final frost. Place it into a sunny and warm spot. Make sure that the temperature of the soil outside is at least 55 before you transplant it outside.

These are eight plants to start insdie. We hope that you found this useful. Please comment below and follow us on Facebook.

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