14 March Gardening Tips for New England

march gardening tips

Welcome to March! Since it’s the first day of the month, we are going to continue our gardening tips throughout the year. So, here are our gardening tips for March.

14 March Gardening Tips

  • Fertilize your poinsettias
  • Check that mice haven’t started eating stored bulbs
  • Remove the forced bulbs from your cold storage. Place them somewhere cool until they’ve sprouted. Then put them where you’ll want them to begin blooming
  • Buy your bulbs that bloom in the summer
  • Begin your seeds inside
  • Begin begonias using peat moss
  • Start planning your new garden
  • Send out a sample of soil to be tested
  • Have a lawn mower tune-up
  • Sharpen your pruning shears
  • Prune any fruit trees of diseased and dead branches. Prune them generally too. This is when you want to do dormant pruning because they aren’t growing.
  • Down prune your shrubs and trees that bloom in the spring unless you’re snipping them to do inside forcing
  • Cut your woody perennials so they’re around 6” above the ground.
  • Push back any frost-heaved plants into the ground.

These are 14 gardening tips for March. Looking for someone that you can count on to help you with your landscaping? Contact us here. We’ll be glad to help you by giving you a no obligation quote.

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