Indoor Seedling Growing – 9 Tips for Success

A lot of people like growing seedlings inside before they transplant them to their gardens. If indoor seedling growing is something that you would like to try, here are 9 tips that you can use to get started.

Indoor Seedling Growing Tip 1 – Be Savvy About Seeds

Get some seed catalogs from a few companies and compare their prices and what they offer. Some of them might have better varieties for where you live.

Indoor Seedling Growing Tip 2 – Create a List

Imagine the garden ¼ of its actual size. This will allow you to have some good spacing.

Indoor Seedling Growing Tip 3 – Prepare for Losses

Even though it’s a good idea to not overplant for the space you have, you also want to assume that some won’t germinate. Therefore, you want to plant some extra seeds, so you’re prepared if it happens.

Indoor Seedling Growing Tip 4 – Consider Using Grow Lights

The majority of vegetables need anywhere from 6-8 hours of direct sunlight at least. So grow lights are a good idea if you’re sowing the seeds inside during late winter. It’s also going to help with keeping the seedlings from becoming too leggy.

Indoor Seedling Growing Tip 5 – Make Sure Your Containers are Clean

The majority of seed catalogs have peat pots, seedling flats, and other containers for growing. However, egg cartons are a great option for the very early seed starting stages. Make sure that you are poking holes in their sides close to the container’s bottom so that water is able to drain. Remember that it’s possible you’ll need to move them into bigger containers before you put them in your garden.

Indoor Seedling Growing Tip 6 – Label the Containers

The best thing that you want to do when you are planting your seedlings is to label the containers. Otherwise, you are going to forget what’s planted. It’s best to do it when you first plant them while it’s fresh in your mind.

Indoor Seedling Growing Tip 7 – Check the Packets

Some seeds need to be chilled, scratched, or soaked. So, you want to read the directions on the packets.

Indoor Seedling Growing Tip 8 – Keep the Temperature at the Right Level

Your seeds will spout best when the temperature is 65-75. So you want to avoid them becoming too cold.

Indoor Seedling Growing Tip 9 – Rotate The Seedlings

If you are keeping your seedlings near a window, make sure that you’re rotating them every once in a while, so that the seedlings are growing evenly. If you are using grow lights, remember that you should raise it several inches above your seedling that is tallest every 2 or so days.

These are 9 tips that you can use for indoor seedling growing. Friday we will be offering a list of some vegetables that you can start indoors.

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