5 Simple Tips for Avoiding Ticks While Camping


Thinking of going out and camping this summer? If you are planning to go into the wilderness and camp, you want to protect yourself and your friends or family from ticks. Below are 5 tips that you can use to help protect everyone involved from tick bites on your camping trip.

Select a Campground That Sprays for Ticks

Many campgrounds are now spraying regularly for ticks. If you’re going somewhere which is known for having many Lyme disease cases, you want to choose a campground that sprays. If you aren’t sure, it’s a good idea to call any campground you’re considering to find out if they do spray.

Choose a Sunny, Clear Area

A tick will easily dry up, so they prefer wet, shady areas. Even though this may be something that you prefer too, setting up somewhere sunny is going to help you with avoiding ticks a lot better. They also like hiding in leaf piles or tall grass, so you want to pitch your tent someplace clear.

Bring Some Chairs to Avoid Ticks

There might be ticks lurking on logs or ground you’re sitting on. So you want to bring some camping chairs so that you reduce the chances that ticks are going to climb up on you.

Don’t Take Any Shortcuts to Avoid Ticks

You should stay on the paths rather than going through the brush. Well-groomed paths won’t be as likely to harbor ticks as the overgrown areas. You also will be breaking etiquette if you take shortcuts too.

Purchase Wood

You may want to gather firewood from around your campsite. But it’s best to bring some firewood with you that you have purchased. Yes, you may be spending a little more money than you expected. But you won’t have to worry about having a hitchhiker on the wood if you purchase it. You don’t get the same assurance when you gather firewood at the campsite.

These are five tips that you want to use when you are going camping this summer. Want to help protect your own yard from mosquitoes and ticks? We offer pest control. Contact us here and we’ll be glad to give you a quote.

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