Mosquitoes & Your Dog – A Handy Summer Guide

The weather is nice, and we are all spending a lot more time outside. Unfortunately, mosquitoes are also outside. Not only can mosquitoes cause problems for humans, but they also can cause problems for your dogs. Below are three problems that mosquitoes can cause for your canine friends.

Mosquitoes can Cause Skin Irritation

Just like they can with humans, your dog’s skin can also be irritated by a mosquito bite. When your dog scratches at the bite, their skin often gets damaged, and this can cause pain, irritation, and sometimes bacterial infection. Some dogs even have allergic reactions and can get hives or swelling.

Mosquitoes can Cause Heartworm Disease

There’s a connection between mosquitoes and heartworm. When they bite, they can pass the heartworms to a dog, which can infect its lungs and heart. Fortunately, it’s not something that all mosquitoes carry. But if the wrong mosquito bites your dog, it can be deadly.

Below are some ways to protect your dog from mosquitoes.

Repel the Mosquitoes

Talk to the vet about finding a mosquito repellant that’s dog friendly. Some of them are spray and you have to apply them directly to your dog before you go outside. There are other spot-on treatments that are used monthly.

You shouldn’t use repellants that are for humans on a dog.

Don’t Be Outside During Prime Mosquito Time

Even though you may like taking a walk in the evening or morning with the dog, don’t walk close to stagnant or still water at these times. This is when the mosquitoes are going to be most active. This will help with preventing you from getting a lot of bites.

Repel Mosquitoes in the Yard

Make your garden a zone that mosquitoes won’t like by using mosquito deterrents such as citronella candles. You also want to make sure that you are looking out for any stagnant water that is in the yard. Things like your dog’s bowl, empty flowerpots, ponds, wading pools, bird baths, and more are all going to attract the mosquitoes.

 Are you worried about keeping you and your four-legged friend safe from mosquitoes? We offer a pest control service for your yard. If you are interested in knowing more, contact us here for a quote.

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