Things to Remember When Mowing Your Lawn

The kids are finally out of school, or summer is here, which means that it’s time to mow the lawn. Hopefully, the weather is nice where you live, but it can be a daunting task for those on the opposite spectrum. 

Whether you’re doing it for the first time or the hundredth, there are some things to remember when mowing your lawn. This is especially helpful for those who might not enjoy the job. If you want to go from a scruffy looking lawn to a lush and green area that looks like something out of a magazine, have a look at 4 little tips that can make a big difference:

Set Your Mower High

To encourage a deeper root system, mow frequently, but keep the mower blades set high on the preferred setting for the type of grass you have. Each time you mow, it is essential to leave 1/3rd of the grass blade. When the lawn looks a little shaggy, you can trim again. 

This will mean that it takes a little longer to get your yard looking tidy, but it might be worth it. If you cut your grass too short, the soil may become hot or cold because there will be no grass to cover it. This also allows weeds to flourish, which might then ruin the appeal of your entire yard.

Change Your Mowing Pattern

Most people just run over the grass each time to get the job done. However, the way you mow your lawn can affect how it looks in the long term. By changing what section of your lawn you start with each mow, you can trick your grass into growing evenly. This will avoid bald spots and the need to trim the grass into odd shapes that do not look as professional as a manicured lawn.

The grass actually grows in a pattern where the grain can curve, causing a natural leaning toward a specific direction. This makes it tricky to cut, as you would need to give it a push and pull motion. By changing your direction regularly, you will be able to even out the growth of the grass and provide for a much easier surface to mow.

Keep Sharp Mower Blades

Over time, blades may dull due to regular use or unexpected obstacles. Always remove and reshape or replace them thoroughly at the beginning of each season. Regularly cleaning and sharpening the blades of your lawnmower can have significant benefits. 

First, your lawn will have a more even cut, reducing the time you have to spend mowing it. Second, if you are cutting across stones or sticks, sharp blades will prevent them from damaging the blades over time. Also, having a spare blade on hand ensures that you are never stuck with no way to finish mowing your lawn.

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