Storing After Decluttering – 5 Useful Tips

storing after decluttering

As we are almost done our junk removal month, we realize that there may be some people who are looking fir tips for storing after decluttering tips. So we have gone through some of the best tips to help you get started on properly storing your items.

Storing After Decluttering Tip 1 – Decide What You’re Going to Put in Storage

When you are going to put things into storage, it means that you won’t be needing the items immediately but you’re going to need them sometime. It also means that you don’t have the necessary space to keep the items in the home.

Only pack those things up for storage things that you’re going to use in the future. Of course, when you are storing a lot more items the bigger the storage unit that you are going to need.

Closely inspect everything before you begin packing them up to put in storage Anything that isn’t sentimental, useful, or valuable, you shouldn’t keep.

ring After Decluttering Tip 2 – Make a List of Inventory

Based on what you need, chances are that you’ve chosen the things that you are going to store for the short-term or long-term. Create a very detailed list of the things that you are storing because you may forget what’s in storage.

Make several copies of this and keep those copies in different safe areas. You can also keep one on your computer or phone so that you can quickly reference it.

Use this list so for reference if they’re damaged or stolen. Having this list can help with insurance claims.

Storing After Decluttering Tip 3 – Get the Right Storage Containers

For packing for storage, you will need the right kind of boxes so that your things are protected while they’re stored.

To be able to pack for storage, you’re going to need the right types of packing boxes to keep your things protected for the duration of the storage period.

  • Think about purchasing brand-new, strong cardboard boxes so that your items are kept safe. Get some sturdy boxes that are similar sizes. This is going to make it simpler to stack them up so that your vertical storage is used as well.
  • Carefully inspect all of the cardboard containers to see if they’re damaged, if you’re using second-hand boxes. All of the boxes need to be sturdy and completely dry, without any signs of an infestation.
  • Whenever you can, use strong bins made of plastic for storing your items. Even though they’re more expensive, they are going to last a lot longer and help with protecting your items better.
  • You should never pack items in bags made of plastic. Plastic traps humidity and moisture and this can cause mildew and mold to grow as time goes by.

Storing After Decluttering Tip 4 – Don’t Pack & Store Hazardous Items

Before beginning to pack items to store them, there are some things that public storage places have restrictions about what you can put into storage and the things that you can’t.

Keep in mind that you can’t store anything that is dangerous. You also can’t store items that are perishable since they can cause lots of problems.

Some things that you shouldn’t pack and store in storage units are:

  • Food items
  • Explosive, corrosive or flammable items
  • Plants
  • Items that are scented
  • Wet items

Storing After Decluttering Tip 5 – Prepare Your Items to Store Them

Before beginning to pack, you should prepare the items to be stored.

  • Thoroughly clean items so that you don’t wind up with musty smells. Wipe all of the surfaces using disinfectant wipes or an all-purpose cleaner. Vacuum soft furniture well.
  • Be sure that everything’s completely dry before you pack them. When you pack things that aren’t totally dry can make mildew grow, and this can affect other things you’re storing too.
  • Treat leather items using leather conditioner before packing and storing them away.
  • Think about disassembling big items like tables, dressers and beds so that you can pack them and protect them better as their individual parts.

We hope that you found our blog about storing after decluttering helpful. Please feel free to leave us a comment below and let us know what you thought of it. And if you are interested in having some help with junk removal, please contact us for a quote or connect with us on Facebook.

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