Pruning Your Tree Yourself – 3 Big Dangers

Do you have a tree that could use some trimming? If so, maybe you have thought of pruning your tree yourself. Before you choose to do it, however, you want to know about some of the common dangers that you face when you make the decision to prune your tree yourself rather than having someone do it for you. Below are some of the common things that can happen.

Falling While Pruning Your Tree Yourself

When you are cutting down a tree, it’s sometimes necessary for you to first remove branches. The biggest danger of working when you are high up is that you could fall, particularly if you’re using an unwieldy tool or you’re off=center. When you are using a ladder, make sure they’re tied to that tree you’re working on in a secure manner before you begin work or bring up tools. If you’re really high up so that you will be injured if you fall, you want to wear a harness that will stop the fall and attach it to a healthy thick branch that doesn’t look like it’s cracking or rotting.

Getting Hit by Branches While Pruning Your Tree Yourself

Because trimming a tree or cutting it down means that you have to remove branches, there’s always a risk that you are going to get hit while you are doing it. If you intend to do it yourself rather than having someone do it for you, you want to make sure that you have someone who is there helping you with doing it. It’s good to have them guiding those branches down safely. They also can keep an eye out for the branches that are falling and tell you to watch out.

Getting Electrocuted While Pruning Your Tree Yourself

pruning your tree yourself

A lot of trees are close to power lines. This is going to make it very dangerous if you are trimming them. Make sure that you are careful especially when the branches are really grown near power lines or telephone poles. It’s best to get in contact with your power company and find out if those lines are able to be shut off. You can also ask if it’s possible to insulate them using blankets or ground them out. Even when you do this, you want to be careful so that you’re not accidentally touching lines while you’re working, since it’s never possible to be absolutely sure it’s off.

These are three dangers that you face when you are pruning your tree yourself. Of course, professionals such as us face those dangers too. But we have a lot more experience and we know the risks. We are also insured. If you are interested in having us prune your trees, please contact us and let us give you a no-obligation quote.

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