Winter Pruning – 11 Trees & Shrubs That Benefit From It

Hello! We hope that you had a very nice weekend and a Merry Christmas for those who celebrate it. It’s hard to believe it’s almost 2022. This week we are finishing up our blog series about winter pruning, and today we are goign to look at some of the trees that benefit from winter pruning and some tips on what to do.

winter pruning

11 Trees & Shrubs That Benefit from Winter Pruning

TreeWhen to PrunePruning Tips
AppleLate winter/early springPrune it moderately

Keep it open and the main branches should be well-spaced

Avoid crotches that are sharp and v-necked
AbeliaLate winter/early springMaintain a form that is graceful and arching by cutting away old stems at ground

Pinch the growing shoots in the springtime for bushier growth
AzaleaLate winter/early spring or during its growing seasonImprove bush’s form by shortening stems that are jutting out

During its growing season, pinch its shoot tips that are growing if you want a bushier growth
Butterfly bushLate winterCut all the stems to ground
Chaste treeLate winter/early springCut out broken, weak, dead, or twiggy branches
CherryLate winter/early springModerately prune tree’s vigorous shoots
Crape myrtleLate winterAnywhere the plant’s not completely winter-hardy, cut off the wood that is winter-killed or cut entire to ground. If the plant is cold-hardy, little pruning’s needed.
DogwoodLate winter/early springPrune the shoots that are most vigorous moderately
PeachLate winter/early springRemove 50% of the growth from last year. Keep it headed low.
PlumLate winter/early springCut diseased, dead branches Moderately trim rank growth
Smoke bushLate winter/early spring prior to growth beginningUnless you are growing it for the purple leaves instead of flowers, not much pruning is needed. Otherwise severely prune it to stimulate new growth in spring

These are 11 trees that are prime candidates for winter pruning or pruning in the early spring. The one we didn’t include is hydrangea, and we are going to do a separate blog about that because of there are some special rules about that bush. Want us to do your winter pruning for you? Contact us here for a quote.

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