Tree Trimming During Winter – 5 Huge Benefits

Hello! Welcome to another week. As promised, we are continuing our tree pruning topics. Today we are talking about 5 benefits of tree trimming during winter. These are 5 reasons why we encourage our customers to have thier trees trimmed during the winter.

Tree Trimming During Winter Makes it Simpler to Evaluate Structure

After a tree has shed its leaves during the fall, it’s going to be a lot simpler to see the tree’s structure. For trained arborists, it is also much easier to identify dangerous or dead branches. This will let us determine if pruning’s needed for keeping your trees looking great and safe.

If you aren’t sure if your tree should be pruned, during the winter is the time to call someone to inspect it.

Tree Trimming During Winter Helps Your Tree Look Great in Spring

Winter’s a great time for you to contain, prune or rejuvenate trees and shrubs that are overgrown. Any of the branches that get cut back in wintertime can quickly recover during the spring with their new growth. This is also going to reduce the length of time you’re going to spend looking at a tree or shrub which resembles a pile of sticks once rejuvenation pruning is done.

Tree Trimming During Winter Will Avoid Spreading Disease

Pruning during the winter also can avoid spreading some types of serious diseases which are active and easily spread during the warmer growing seasons like the spring months and the summer months. For instance, oak wilt, fire blight, and others quickly spread during those growing seasons.

During the winter months, the fungi, bacteria, insects, and parasites that spread and/or cause disease are either dormant or dead. Because of this, these diseases aren’t as likely to get transmitted during winter pruning.

That’s why vulnerable trees, like elm and oak trees, are only pruned during winter unless it’s done for safety reasons.

Tree Trimming During Winter is More Efficient

In Massachusetts, the ground freezes. That means it’s a lot easier to bring in the heavy equipment and not damage the lawn. This results in faster work, better outcomes, and lower costs. This is particularly true for tree removals and big pruning jobs.

Tree Trimming During Winter is Less Stressful for Trees

Because the tree’s dormant, trimming during winter won’t stimulate any new growth. However, if you prune right before dormancy starts, like during late in the fall, it may be killed because of cold weather, which can damage and disfigure the tree.

There’s research that shows that when a tree is pruned before the buds open in the spring will lead to the best wound closure. The tree can heal from the cuts from pruning before the warmer weather will bring out pathogens and destructive insects.

Tree Trimming During Winter Prevents Damage from Winter

tree trimming during winter

Dead, dying or damaged trees are often dangerous during the winter, especially when there is a lot of snow, ice, or wind. Winter trimming can make them a lot safer and also can rejuvenate the weaker trees because diseased or dead wood is removed.

These are five reasons why tree trimming during winter is a good idea. Are you interested in having us trim your trees this winter? Contact us here to get a quote.

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