4 Dangers of Not Pruning Trees

Hello, again! this month we have been covering a lot of tree trimming topics. Today we are going to go in a different direction and look at four dangers of not pruning trees. Hopefully, this will help you see why pruning your trees is so important.

Dangers of Not Pruning Trees 1 – Your Tree Could Spread Disease

Like a lot of other types of plants, trees often will contract diseases. And these kinds of diseases can go throughout the affected tree’s branches and can also spread to trees that are nearby. When you prune your tree it will stop the diseases in the tree from going to the backyard as well as through the whole neighborhood.

Dangers of Not Pruning Trees 2 – Your Tree Could Die

dangers of not pruning trees

When you have a tree that’s infected by one of the diseases and doing its best to survive, not cutting the branches that are affected could make your whole tree die. Pruning the tree will prevent the spread of disease.

Dangers of Not Pruning Trees 3 – Damage from Falling Branches

During a very bad storm or high wind, dying or dead branches can be easily ripped from your tree. This can threaten property or even people who are walking beneath it. It also can damage any nearby cars, fixtures, and furniture. When you don’t prune your tree properly, branches often grow really close to windows or power lines. If you don’t prune them, they can even damage your home’s siding or break your windows.

Dangers of Not Pruning Trees 4 – Your Tree Might Not Produce Fruit Anymore

Similar to plants, dead branches and leaves will sap the energy from your tree. If a tree has a lot of dead limbs, it can mean that it’s sickly and won’t produce much fruit. Pruning the tree is the way that you can increase the tree’s yield and encourage growth.

These are 4 dangers of not pruning trees that you should consider before you decide that it’s not such a big deal. We know that there is alot to consider. So, if you aren’t comfortable with pruning your trees yourself, we offer it as one of our services. Contact us here to get a quote.

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