Protecting Your Home With Your Gutters

Why are gutters important for a property, and why is it dangerous to just ignore any problems that are happening?

Let us count the ways – as the poet said. But seriously, property owners often need help with their gutters and downspouts in order to keep their homes in good condition. That’s just the reality of the situation. 

Why it’s Important

Well-functioning gutters and downspouts protect the home from standing water, or water that gets misdirected toward the building footprint.

In the foundation, water can inundate the block and slowly corrupt the integrity of the building over time.

This trapped water can also lead to mold and mildew and other problems which can worsen allergies or create dangerous conditions for inhabitants. 

In some cases, water ends up trickling down the exterior of the property and ruining the aesthetic of materials like vinyl or stucco. Then the owner has to fix all of this!

All of that means it’s critical for many properties to have good well-functioning gutters in place.

Gutter Obstacles and Issues

So how do gutters get messed up in the first place?

It often starts with seasonal debris that gets stuck and trapped in a gutter.

One of the major culprits is leaves – every year, these dead pieces of tree end up scattered all over your property. If you have any close to the house, these leaves are likely to end up in the gutters.

Birds can also make a practice of building their nests there, which is a poor choice on their part, but you can’t really blame them…

In either case, what can happen is that seeds that lie in that debris can actually sprout and start to grow. When you see a row of plants growing up in your gutter, you know that there’s an issue and it’s time to take action. (because unlike these deliberate gardeners, you don’t want them there!)

Professional Assistance with Gutters and Downspouts

Yes, if you have the right kind of ladder and safety tools, you can get up there and clean these out yourself.

However, many people opt for professional landscaping assistance with gutters, for a number of reasons. Either they’re not confident on the on the ladder, which makes sense, or they don’t have time, or they want work that can be guaranteed.

So talk to us at Molloy Landscaping about everything that we can do to keep your property in tip-top condition. We are proud to be a trusted property service firm in the local area, and a company that enjoys good word of mouth. We’re here for you!

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