Overseeding Your Lawn – 5 Big Reasons to Consider It

Hello! Welcome to the end of the week. We hope that you have had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend. Today we are continuing our blogs about lawn renovation, and we’re going to discuss the benefits of overseeding your lawn.

overseeding your lawn

Overseeding Your Lawn Reduces the Chance of Erosion

Grass has root systems that are compact and fibrous, and they can band together very well. So when your lawn is overseeded and densely planted, it ensures that water and soil stay put, at its root zone. This will reduce soil loss and run-off. This will also improve your lawn’s overall health because it is able to hold onto moisture and nutrients that it needs to thrive.

Overseeding Your Lawn Improves Its Appearance

If you’re dedicating time and space to your lawn, you want to make it luscious. Fill in the balding, brown areas, and patches that have been damaged by pests and pets by putting down seeds. Just rough up those spots that need some attention using your rake, throw your seeds down and keep the soil evenly moist til germination. One of the best ways to do this is by getting a sprinkler that you can move easily so that you can target watering. A lawn that is densely planted, regardless of its size, is a lot more inviting. It’s not just nice to look at it but it also feels great when you’re walking on it.

Overseeding Your Lawn Reduces the Risk of Disease & Pests

Having a lawn that is healthy will be your best way to prevent and fight disease. A simple change that you can make when you are cultivating a very healthy lawn is watering it less often and for longer. This will encourage a root system that is strong and well-developed.

Something else that you can do is overseeding your lawn. If you find that you have a bit problem with certain pests, chemicals aren’t needed. Simply look for the varieties of seeds that will grow well where you live. You want to choose some seeds that are very high resistant and don’t require a lot of water. Another option that you can choose is to get a mixture of seeds with some lawn daisies. These plants (Bellis perennis) attract beneficial insects and pollinators and support them.

Overseeding a Lawn Will Make It Thicker

If you want a thicker lawn, this is something that overseeding can help with. When your lawn is thinning, putting extra seeds in along with just the right amount of hydration can make it a lot plusher. With this, your lawn becomes a lot more durable, being able to withstand play and foot traffic. It also can stand up better to environmental stress and natural weathering.

It Doesn’t Require Chemicals

Maintaining a robust, healthy lawn means that chemical pesticides and fertilizers aren’t needed to correct issues. When you’re maintaining your healthy lawn with overseeding and the right watering, pests won’t have a chance.

These are five reasons you should consider reseeding your lawn. If you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself or you would rather have a professional come out and assess your lawn, we are happy to help. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. Whether you have a question about overseeding your lawn or any of the other services we offer, we are glad to answer them.

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