Fall Aeration – 6 Benefits It Offers

Good evening. We hope you are doing well. This month we are concentrating on lawn renovation, and since that is our focus we thought we’d talk about some of the benefits that fall aeration can offer you and your gras. So, here are 6 benefits that you can enjoy when you have your lawn aerated this fall.

fall aeration

Fall Aeration Improves the Health of the Turf

This is one of the best things about lawn aeration. Your lawn is going to be healthier overall. It works to provide the roots better access to fertilizer, air, and water. This will help with improving your turf’s health and results in grassroots that are more extensive and deeper.

It Reduces the Build-up of Thatch

When thatch, which is the dead grass layer accumulating on the lawn, becomes thick, it often will rob grass of essential nutrients and rain. Aeration will help with managing this buildup because it introduces the microorganisms in the soil that decompose the thatch and brings them to that top layer.

Fall Aeration Reduces the Compaction of Soil

When the soil’s compacted, it can prevent fertilizer, air, and water from getting to the root system of your lawn. This can lead to thinning, dead spots, and patches. When cores are removed in the process of aeration, the density of the soil’s decreased, and compaction is relieved.

It Benefits Modification of pH

When you apply Sulphur lime after you aerate, it promotes modification of pH deep in your soil. This is going to let the nutrients go a lot deeper in your roots so that the turf can use them.

It Reduces Puddling & Water Runoff

If you’re finding that your lawn has problems with puddling or runoff after it rains, lawn aeration can help you with reducing these problems.

Fall Aeration Gets Grass Ready for the Changing Season

Before the grass becomes dormant, make sure it’s in the best shape by doing fall fertilization and fall aeration. When you aerate before fertilizing, it will help nutrients to get into the soil much more effectively. When you plan for fall fertilization and aeration, it will give your cool-season grass the buffer needed to protect itself from stress from summer drought and ample time before the arrival of winter’s first frost.

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