How to Organize a Basement or Garage Vertically

Organize a Basement or Garage

One of the best ways that you can organize a basement or garage is to do vertical storage. This helps you with making use of a lot of unused space. Below are some of the ways that you can vertically store things.

Organize a Basement or Garage with a Pegboard:

•          Pros – easily installed and widely available, they can be cut to the size that you want and painted to customize the look you want. A few manufacturers offer many compatible shelves, organizers, and hooks.

•          Cons – Even though they can handle lightweight things, they won’t be strong enough so you can hang heavy objects such as bicycles.

Organize a Basement or Garage with a Track-based System:

Pros: Shelves can hang from one track that is affixed to the studs on walls. Therefore, they are able to hold heavier objects. The shelves, organizers, and hooks are able to be easily relocated.

Cons: It’s essential to be sure of the track’s level so that the standards are hanging straight. You want to use them if you have garage walls that are plumb and finished.

Organize a Basement or Garage with a Pegboard Panelized System:

Pros: The whole wall’s finished with plastic panels that will hold lock-in cabinets, hooks, and shelves so that you can use your whole wall space.

Cons: Some of the systems have to be professionally installed, so you have to pay more. You are limited to organizing products that are compatible with the system.

These are the things that you want to do to help you organize a basement or garage using vertical storage. If you are having trouble with your garage or basement, we offer cleanup services and junk removal. Contact us here for more information. We’re also on Facebook.

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