A Guide to the Importance of Lawn Aeration

lawn aeration

Aeration is something that you may not think of when it comes to your lawn. But it’s very important. The reason that a lot of people don’t have their lawn aerated is that they don’t know the signs that lawn aeration is needed. So below we are looking at some of the most common signs that your lawn is due for lawn aeration.

Signs Lawn Aeration is Needed

  • The surface of your lawn is spongy to the feel yet easily dries out.
  • Your soil feels hard when you touch it.
  • Your grass is developing diseases such as brown thatch or it is thinning.
  • Your lawn’s not properly draining during a rainstorm and water’s forming puddles rather than the soil absorbing it.
  • The lawn had been laid as sod. If there was sod laid over some compacted soil and you didn’t mix the soils, the roots aren’t going to grow in your ground under the soil. Aeration will break up this layering as well as mix your soil so that root growth is encouraged.
  • You have a newly built house. Construction work can strip topsoil away and then compact that layer beneath.
  • There is a lot of foot traffic on the lawn.
  • Pets and kids are frequently playing in the yard.

These are some of the signs that you are due for lawn aeration. Below are some of the benefits of lawn aeration.

Benefits of Lawn Aeration

  • Improves the health of the grass and the growth of roots. The roots will spread out and then strengthen. They also grow more vigorously and densely.
  • Curb appeal is increased. Your lawn will have denser, greener foliage.
  • Runoff is reduced. When soil is permeable, it will encourage the water to go into your soil rather than going into the waterways.
  • Erosion is reduced. When your grass is thick and has a dense, strong root system, the possibility that erosion will happen is decreased.
  • Your lawn is less susceptible to diseases. Access to nutrients and oxygen will increase the resistance of your grass to diseases.

Ready to have your lawn aerated? If you want to have professional lawn aeration done, you can contact us here to get a quote.

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