Caring for Shaded Grass – 5 Things to Remember

caring for shaded grass

When the weather is hot, you are thankful for the shaded grass in your yard. But caring for shaded grass can take a lot of time and careful consideration. Below are five things to remember when you are caring for shaded grass.

Caring for Shaded Grass – Encourage Sun

Trim any bushes and trees to allow the sunlight to come through. This will help it to reach your lawn and help your grass to grow.

Caring for Shaded Grass 2 – Do Soil Tests

Make sure that you are checking the soil and finding out what the pH level is. You want to make sure that it is well-balanced so that your lawn thrives.

Caring for Shaded Grass 3 – Raise the Blades of Your Mower

When mowing the lawn that is in the shade, raise the blades 1” higher than the rest of the lawn. This is going to help that to get more sunlight. In turn, this is going to help your grass grow roots that are deeper.

Caring for Shaded Grass 4 – Adjust Fertilizer Use

When your grass is in a shaded area, it’s going to require 50% of the fertilizer that’s used in the rest of the yard. Be sure you’re adjusting it so that you don’t give it a lot.

Caring for Shaded Grass 5 – Irrigation and Watering

The shaded grass needs to get enough water. But at the same time, it shouldn’t become saturated. Water the lawn so that it’s deeply watered but don’t water it often.

These are five things that you want to remember when it comes to caring for shaded grass. Remember that grass that is partly or constantly in the shade is going to require different care than the grass that’s always in the sun.

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