Inflatable Holiday Decorations – 6 Storage & Use Tips

inflatable holiday decorations

Inflatable holiday decorations are something that has been popular for many years. If you have decided that you want to add some of them to your décor this year, chances are that you have experienced a bit of sticker shock when you see how much they cost. But if you follow these tips below, you can make sure that your inflatable holiday decorations are lasting for years to come.

Follow the Directions on Inflatable Holiday Decorations

The first thing that you want to do is make sure that you’re following the directions that the manufacturer has provided. In general, unplugging your inflatable and opening its zipper is going to deflate them.

Clean Them Before Storing Them

Be sure that the inflatable’s clean. Then allow it to thoroughly dry before you store it. It’s a good idea to use a dampened cloth to wipe the inflatable clean. Then look at the instructions from the manufacturer as mentioned above to see if any vents or zippers should be closed.

Pack Holiday Inflatable Decorations Up Nice & Tight

It’s a good idea to use storage bins with snug lids for storage. Put the extra parts and manual into small bags and put them in the same bin. The bin should be labeled so that you know what is inside. The bin should be kept in a dry, cool location. When you take it out, look for any rips, holes, and tears. Any that you find should be repaired before its used again.

If you aren’t sure the size of the container that you need, look at its original box. You also can take pack if in the original box and then add that to a larger bin that you can seal. This will come in handy next time you use it so you know what’s in there.

Cushion Your Décor

It’s a good idea to take some unwanted clothes or old towels and put them in between items in your storage bin. This is going to prevent unneeded holes and friction in the holiday inflatable decorations. It also will protect them from accidental wear or damage.

Roll Your Inflatable Holiday Decorations – Don’t Fold Them

Rolling is going to help with helping your inflatable to fit into the bin without causing wrinkles and other types of wear. When they are stored really carefully, they are going to last a lot longer. Make sure that you are removing dirt and dirt before you store them.

Inspect Them Before You Use Them

Before you use the inflatable holiday decorations, carefully inspect them. any products that have damage, frayed cords or wire insulation or cats. You also want to make sure that there aren’t any socket enclosure cracks, copper wire that is exposed or loose connections. If the inflatable has been torn, you can sew the rip or tape it using see-through packing tape. This will help with extending its lifespan. Don’t want it to be as noticeable? Taping it from the inflatable’s inside will help.

These are 6 tips that you can use to help your inflatable holiday decorations to last a lot longer. With the high prices they cost, having them work as long as possible is a good way to protect your investment.

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