Growing Daffodils – 7 Tips for Success

growing daffodils

Among the first signs of spring is the look of growing daffodils coming up through the ground. These beautiful flowers are generally the bulbs that bloom first in the season and they go as fast as they come. However, even though their time is brief, their beauty is amazing. That’s why so many people plant them in their gardens. Below are some daffodil growing tips to help you with enjoying these beautiful flowers.

Successfully Growing Daffodils Starts with Checking Your Soil

Before you plant your bulbs, make sure that your soil’s draining well and receives lots of sunlight. Although your daffodils don’t require full sun, 5-6 hours per day is a good amount. Don’t use soil that’s compacted, contains a lot of clay or is too hard.

Growing Daffodils Also Means Planting Bulbs Appropriately

When you are planting your daffodil bulbs, make sure that they’re planted 3X the length of your bulb. It’s a good idea to measure the bulbs if necessary, since depth’s going to be a big factor in how successfully the flowers bloom.

Before planting bulbs, be sure your soil drains well and gets plenty of sunlight. While daffodils don’t need full sun, a good 5 to 6 hours of sun a day is advised. Avoid any soil that is too hard, compacted, or full of clay.

Feed Your Daffodils Appropriately for Successful Growing

Allow your daffodil bulbs and blooms 1-2” of water each week. Although they love water, they’re not fans of fertilizer. Don’t use chemical fertilizers you’re your blooms or bulbs. Another great way to help with keeping moisture and water in your plant’s soil is mulch.

Know the Way to Pick Blooms

When you’re ready to pick daffodils make sure you’re not disturbing your bulb and root. Snip each stem at its base, leaving its root system and greenery intact. Place the stems in some clean water with ½ tsp of sugar. That sugar is going to act as your daffodils’ food source so that they last longer.

You should also wait until your daffodils’ greenery has turned yellow before cutting them back. This is the sign that the plant’s done nurturing itself and it’s ready to take a nap.

Dig Up the Bulbs after Growing Daffodils

When the season’s done, now is the time to dig up bulbs. You want to rinse them off and then store them someplace dry and cool. They can be replanted when fall comes. You also can let them stay where they are, since most of the bulbs of good quality will keep on growing for 3 to 5 years.

Plan the Right Varieties for Growing Daffodils Next Year

Keep in mind that miniature daffodils are great for window boxes and containers. They’re also great when you have a smaller area and not a lot of room. The bigger varieties of daffodils are great for cutting gardens, flower beds and walkways. Remember this when you are selecting the bulbs that you are going to plant next year.

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